Dead Frontier 2D Installation Guide

Installing the Custom Browser

This guide will walk you through how to install the Dead Frontier Custom Browser in order to play Dead Frontier 2D.

  • Install the custom browser at the URL:
  • Run the installer.
  • Install Unity Web Player for Dead Frontier 3D
  • Install Flash Player for Dead Frontier 2D. Select "I agree" and click "Install".
  • **IMPORTANT** Select "Never check for updates" or Adobe will remove flash from your system automatically.
  • Click finish!

Accessing Dead Frontier 2D

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I barricade a building?
    You must barricades all doors and windows on the bottom floor.
  • How do I break barricades?
    You must use a melee weapon to break barricades.
  • How do I find bosses?
    Bosses are more likely to spawn with the more noise you make, so killing lots of zombies with loud weapons.
  • Where can I find "survivors" weapons?
    The survivors weapons can be found in the Death Row region, located on the top right and bottom right corners of the map.
  • Where can I get my anniversary mission reward?
    The reward is sent to your private trades upon returning to the outpost.
  • How often does the notice board reset?
    The notice board resets once per day.
  • Where are the loots and what is lootable?
    In 2D it is hard to know what is lootable, you will need to approach objects and see if they are searchable.
  • Can bosses spawn in multiplayer?
    Bosses cannot spawn in multiplayer.
  • There is lots of aggro all the time, how do I loot?
    In 2D, if you kill the aggro/zombies long enough you will eventually kill them off for a short time of peaceuful looting.
  • What loots can I get in Dead Frontier 2D?
    All loots above proficiency level 100 are disabled, you cannot find implants, blueprints, weapon parts or any other rare item.
  • Will Dead Frontier 2D stay permanently?
    We intend to leave 2D playable after the event, however we will review loot, experience gain and other forms of progression at a later date to determine appropriate limitations
  • Will my bonuses from implants, gold membership, events and other things apply to Dead Frontier 2D?
    - Gold membership applies in Dead Frontier 2D.
    - Loot bonuses including ammo, weapon, and armour boost chance will apply.
    - Bonuses not mentioned do not work.
  • Can I use any weapon I want?
    Yes all weapons should work on Dead Frontier 2D, however some weapon features do not apply such as flamethrower mechanics, cryo effect, burst mechanics and other new Dead Frontier 3D features. These weapons will work with basic functionality.